The present legal warning regulates the use of the website WWW.NECOTEC.ES (in future, the WEB), of which he is titular Miguel ngel Puente S¡nchez (in future, PROPRIETOR OF the WEB).

The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, in accordance with Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce, informs to him that:

  • Its social denomination is: Miguel ngel Puente S¡nchez
  • Its name commercial: NECOTEC
  • Su CIF it is: 72066239V
  • Its head office is in: STROLL OF EL CASTILLO €“ 7 OJ‰N €“ MALAGA €“ 29610

In order to communicate with us, we make its available different average from contact who we detailed next:


All the notifications and communications between the users and the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB will be considered effective, to all the effects, when postal mail using our ssd vps hosting or any other means of the detailed ones is realised previously through.

2)  USERS.


The access and/or use of this portal of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, creator of the site, attributes the condition of USER, to whom she accepts, from this access and/or use, the General Conditions of Use reflected here. The mentioned Conditions will be of application independent of the General Conditions of Hiring that if so are from forced fulfillment.



The website and its services, are of free access and gratuitous, however, the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB conditions the use of some of the services offered in his Web to the previous execution of the corresponding form, to become user of the portal.



inexact that realises.


The user specifically commits himself to make an suitable use of the contents and services of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB and not to use them for, among others:

  1. To spread criminal, violent, pornographic, racist contents, xenophobe, offensive, of vindication of the terrorism or, generally, opposites to the law or the ordenpºblico.
  2. To introduce in the network computer viruses, or to realise activities susceptible to alter, to spoil, to interrupt or to generate errors or damages in electronic documents, physical and logical data or systems of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB or third people; as well as to prevent the access from other users to the website and its services by means of the massive consumption of the computer science resources through which the susservicios PROPRIETOR OF the quick WEB.
  3. To try, where appropriate, to accede to the accounts of e-mail of other users or to restricted areas of the computer science systems of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB or of third parties and extraerinformaci³n.
  4. To harm the rights of intellectual or industrial property, as well as to violate the confidentiality of the information of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB or deterceros.
  5. Suplantarlhelpentidaddeotrousuario, delasadministracionespºblicasodeuntercero.
  6. To reproduce, to copy, to distribute, to put to disposition or of any other form to communicate publicly, to transform or to modify the contents, unless it is counted on the authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights, or it legally turns out allowed.
  7. To successfully obtain data with advertising purpose and to send to publicity of any class and communications with aims of sale or others, of commercial nature without its previous request mediates oconsentimiento.



The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB wants to inform of the users and clients of his webpage, the carried out policy with respect to the treatment and protection of the personal character data of those people who voluntarily use the contact forms to contact with the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, as well as the access to his own page, that implies the communication of their personal data to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB.

A. - Identification of the person in charge of the treatment.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, provided into CIF 72066239V, informs to the user and client into his webpage into the existence into a registry into activities automated into personal data denominated CLIENTS, where the personal data take shelter and store that the user and the client communicate to him in order to manage their request.

B. - Update of the policies.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB will modify, without previous warning, the present policy of privacy whenever it is necessary to adapt the same to any legislative change, prescribed, legal, administrative or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions dictated by the Agency of Protection of Data or legitimate object of any modification of this policy, despite the previous thing, will be published and warned in the webpage of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB.

From the above, the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, recommends to the users the periodic reading of these policies with the purpose of to be able to know the changes that in the same take place.

C. - Purpose of the Registry of activities.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB does not solicit in his webpage, data to the internauts who visit it, except for merely identifying data, therefore, the personal data communication by the user to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB through his webpage only can be understood that he will take place when these voluntarily uses the service of contact form or other communication channels to put itself in touch with the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, since in these cases the treatment of the data is inevitable and implicit to the communication system. For these cases and the described ones in the following section, the organization, informs to the client who the treatment of the data is realised with the following purposes: To carry out all the managements related to the elaboration of budgets, hiring and benefit of services of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, to the company to which it belongs if so or to the interested one that it asks for it. As well as to take care of and to answer the received communications and those of commercial prospection to maintain informed the users into possible promotions.

D. - Consent.


One inquires that, when the user does not maintain trade relations with the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, and realises the shipment of an e-mail or a communication to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, indicating other personal data, this user will be giving its consent free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express for the treatment of its personal data by the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, with the established purposes previously, as well as to take care of its communication or to send documentation.

To the same effects, the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB informs that, if the client sends an e-mail or communicates to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB his personal data in regard to the position that occupy in a company, or as administrator, manager, representative and/or any other position as person of contact in the company, will be understood previously that such communication entails the benefit of its consent free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express for the treatment of its personal data by the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, with the settled down purposes.


E. - Identification of the adressees with respect to whom the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB

it has predicted the accomplishment of cessions or access to data on behalf of third parties.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB only has predicted the accomplishment of cessions or data communications that because of Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 of the ParlamentoEuropeo and the Council of 27 of April of 2016 and Statutory law 3/2018 of 5 of December of Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of the digital rights (in future RGPD) must realise to take care of its obligations with the Public Administrations, Organisms or people directly related to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, in the cases that therefore are required in agreement with the effective Legislation in each matter and every moment or the assumptions in that there is consentidoexpresamente.

Also the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB informs of the user, who any other cession of data that must realise, will be informed its thus loprevea when the RGPD, informing to him into express, precise and unequivocal way of the adressees of the information, of the purpose to that the data will be destined, and of the nature of the yielded data, or if so, when the RGPD establishes it, previously, the specific and informed unequivocal consent to the user will be asked for.

However, the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB informs to the user and the client, who any personal data processing, subjects to the effective legislation in Spain in the matter of protection of data, established by the RGPD and its complementary norm and of development. In this sense, the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB is responsible and only guarantees the confidentiality of the personal character data that he asks for to the user through the webpage.

F. - Quality of the data.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB notices the user, that except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate his personal data, reason why the user at any moment will have to consider that, only can include personal data corresponding to its own identity and which they are adapted, pertinent, present, exact and true. To talesefectos, the user will be the only person in charge against any damage, direct and/or indirect that he causes to third parties or to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, by the use of personal data of another person, or her own personal data when they are false, erroneous, nonpresent, inadequate or impertinent. Also the user who uses the personal data of a third party, will respond before this one of the obligation of information settled down in the RGPD for when the personal character data have not been successfully obtained of the own one interested, and/or of the consequences of not haberleinformado.


G. - Exercise of the rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation of the treatment, Portability, Cancellation, Opposition of the treatment and Suppression of the data.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB informs to the user of the possibility of exercising his rights of access, rectification, limitation of the treatment, portability, opposition to the treatment and suppression of his data as well as the right to make a complaint before the Authority of Controls by means of writing sent to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB in the following direction: AVENUE JESUS SANTOS REIN, BUILDING LINDAMAR, LOW or by means of

mail directed to INFO@NECOTEC.ES, enclosing in both cases its national identity document or identity card.

H. - Use of forms for the collection of personal data.


In the existing forms of contact in the Web, where personal character data take shelter, the user will have to allow of way it express and with previous character to the shipment of the same, the acceptance and knowledge of the policy of privacy by means of the execution of check €œI have read and acceptable the privacy policy€, and whose content will be able to have access by means of the attached connection that the present legal warning will send to him. If the field check will not be staked out by the user, the shipment of the contained data will not be realised in these forms.

Is. - Safety measure adopted in relation to the treatment of the personal data.


The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB informs to the user who, in accordance with the arranged thing in the RGPD, has adopted the organizational measures of technical nature and necessary to guarantee the security of the personal character data and to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to that they are exposed. Also the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB guarantees to the user the fulfillment of having of professional secret with respect to the personal data of the users and of having deguardarlos.

J. - More information on privacy policy.


If it wants to obtain major information on our policy of privacy can puncture in the following connection of our website (to point out connection to the policy of privacy of second layer that leremitimos)



By virtue of the arranged thing to the regulating effective legislation of the Intellectual Property, they are specifically prohibited the reproduction, the distribution and the public communication, including its modality of make available, of the totality or leaves from the contents, as texts, photographies, graphs, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its graphical design and source codes, of this webpage, with commercial aims, in any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB.


All the contents of the website, constitute a work whose property belongs to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, without they can be understood yielded to the user no of the operation rights on the same, beyond the strictly necessary thing for the correct use of the Web.

, The users who accede to this website can visualize the contents and really carry out private copies authorized whenever the reproduced elements are, where appropriate, not yielded later to third parties, neither they settle connected servers to networks, nor are object of no type of explotaci³ncomercial.

Also, all the commercial brands, names or distinguishing signs of any class that appear in the website are property of the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, without it can be understood that the use or access to the same attributes to the right user some on the same.

The establishment of h­per connection does not imply in any case the existence of relations between the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB and the proprietor of the website in which settles down, nor the acceptance and approval on the part of PROPRIETOR DELA WEB of its contents or services. Those people who set out to settle down to h­per connection, previously will have to ask for authorization in writing to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB. In any case, the hyperlink will only allow the access to the homepage or page of home of our website, also will have to abstain to realise false, inexact or incorrect manifestations or indications on the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, or to include illicit, opposite contents to moral convention and the public order. The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB does not take responsibility of the use that each user gives him to the materials made available in this website nor of the activities that realises on the basis of the same.



The content of the present website is of general character and has an informative purpose merely, without is totally guaranteed the access to all the contents, neither its thoroughness, correction, use or the present time, nor its suitability or utility for a specific objective.

The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB excludes, to where he allows the legal ordering, any responsibility by the damages of all nature derived from:

  1.            The impossibility of access to the website or the lack of veracity, exactitude, thoroughness and/or the present time of the contents, as well as the existence of vices and defects of all class of the transmitted, spread, stored, put contents to disposition to which it has been acceded through website or of the services that seofrecen.
  2.            The presence of virus or other elements in the electronic contents that can produce alterations in the computer science systems, documents or data of the users.
  3.           The breach of the laws, the good faith, the public order, the uses of the traffic and the present legal warning as a result of the incorrect use of the website. In particular, and


to ejemplificativo way, the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB does not become person in charge of the activities of third parties that harm rights of intellectual and industrial property, secret enterprise, right to the honor, the personal, familiar privacy and to the own image, as well as the norm in the matter of unfair competition and illicit publicity.



The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB will be able to modify the here certain conditions at any time, properly being published as here they appear. The use of the mentioned conditions will go based on its exhibition and will be effective until they are modified by others properly published.



The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB declines any responsibility with respect to the information that is outside this Web and is not managed directly by our webmaster. The function of the links that appear in this Web, exclusively the one to inform to the usuary one on the existence of other sources susceptible to extend the contents that this website offers. The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB does not guarantee nor takes responsibility of the operation or accessibility of the connected sites. Nor he suggests, he invites or he recommends the visit to the same, reason why he will not either be responsible for the obtained result. The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB does not take responsibility of the establishment of deterceros hyperbonds by part.



The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB reserves the right to deny or to retire the access to portal and/or the services offered without needing advance warning, to own instance or of a third party, to those users who fail to fulfill the present General Conditions of Use of the Portal.



In case any user or a third party considers that facts or circumstances exist that reveal the illicit character of the use of any content and/or the accomplishment of any activity in the webpages including or accessible through website, it will have to properly send a notification to the PROPRIETOR OF the WEB, identifying themselves, specifying the supposed infractions and declaring specifically and under his responsibility that the information provided in the notification, esexacta.



The facilitated administrative information through website does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, general norms, plans, dispositions and acts that they have to be published formally to official newspapers of the public administrations, that constitute the only instrument that gives to faith of its authenticity and content. The information available in this cheap unlimited web hosting website must be understood as a guide.




These conditions will be in force or interpret according to the Spanish legislation in what specifically it is not established. The lender and the user, decide to put under any controversy that could provoke of the benefit of products or services object of these Conditions, to the Courts and Courts of the address of the user.

In case the user has his address outside Spain, the lender and the user, they specifically resign to any other forum, being put under the Courts and Courts of the address of the LAWEB PROPRIETOR.